We source great used bikes from all over the country! 

...And then we have our way with them... 

Bikes are completely stripped down to their bare bolts and all parts are examined under the critical eyes of our wrench monkey.  

If the paint job has seen better days, the frame is sandblasted and powder coated for a fresh new look. In fact, we might do this just because we don't like the original colour.  

Then it's upgrade time! Worn out or basic components get swapped for something a bit more special. We even upgrade parts that simply don’t go with the colour scheme.  

Old gear cables are binned and replaced with shiny new ones.  

Brakes are bled and pads are changed; Wheels are trued and bearings replaced. (Parts are replaced if necessary.) 

Each of our bikes gets a comprehensive service carried out on it before finally being safety checked for your peace of mind.  

And then ... you're ready to ride off into the sunset with your UNDEAD Cycle