Chainstay and Frame Protector Kit

Chainstay and Frame Protector Kit


Our frame protector kit includes 25 carbon fibre 3D effect vinyl stickers!

Our protectors are made from exterior grade polymeric film with multi channel adhesive for easy application and exceptional durability!

The kit includes:

2 X Chainstay protectors - 220mm X 28mm
5 X oval protector patches - 45mm X 25mm
2 X Large skull protector patches - 52mm X 44mm
7 X Medium skull protector patches - 35mm X 30mm
8 X Small skull protector patches - 26mm X 22mm

1 X Undead Cycles logo sticker.


Protect your pride and joy from cable rub, chainstay damage and other nasties with our unique kit,
only available at Undead Cycles!

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